Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some thoughts..

timE is likE a rivEr
u cannot touch the same water twice
because the flow that has passed will never pass again
so, enjoy every moment of life

Dont let someone become a priority in ur life
when u'r just an options in their life
relationships work best when they are balanced
whEn we wake up in the morning
we hv 2 simple choices
go back to sleep & dreams
or wake up & chase those dreams
choise is yours

When u keep saying u r bz
then u r nvr free
when u keep saying u hv no time
then u will nvr hv time
when u keep saying that u will do it 2moro
tomorrow will never come

Nvr explains urself to anyone
bcoz the person who likes u doesnt need it
and the person who dislikes u wont believe it!



ezzati said...

enjoy every moments in life..pasti!! :) ...

aku rse aku sedang b'gaduh la dengan dia..sangat geram n sedih jgk!!!!

QueenWizza said...

eh..nape zati??? gaduh nape??
cite laaa :)

ezzati said...

ntahlaaa...aku pun tatau..hehe

sweethOneY said...

bermakna okeh n3 ni..hihi

Iffah said...

yeah.. so true..

Jard The Great said...

bcoz the person who likes u doesnt need it
and the person who dislikes u wont believe it!..


aku suke ayat nih.. hehe

ad3ck said...

neh copy dari email eh? eheheeh

Monkey D Luffy said...

slmt dtg ahli lanun

Zaidon said...

Waa.. best puisi ni, simple tapi penuh dgn makna.. : )

ghimau said...

:) nice

QueenWizza said...

zati: lor.bley xtau hehe

sweethoney:yup! saje nk share :D

iffah: yup!!

jardthegreat: heheh..

adeck: a'a mmg copy dr emel. nape x bule ke? hehe

monkey d luffy:aik.sejak bile aku jadik lanun..hahaha

zaidon:yup.mmg bermakna :)

ghimau: yup! :)

ezzati said...

iza..bile ko nk update ni..
aku skrg gile blogging n bce blog org..cptla update :) ..hehe

chik Star said...

amboi !

chik Star said...

jgn emo
sabor sabor !