Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4 foods to avoid!

Just now I go into
Oprah show is always be my fav talk show

So here I wanna share with u guys some IMPORTANT facts to let us live and stay healthy.

Fitness trainer Rich Barretta believes in eating healthy, well-balanced meals but doesn't believe in trend or fad dieting. "Any diet out there that restricts you from either fats, proteins, carbs—one or all three—is generally not a good diet to be on," Rich says. "

Rich takes a closer look at four foods to avoid in order to make a major difference in your body from a health and appearance standpoint.

ok..let see what are 4 foods that this guy is talking about...

AVOID PROCESSED FOODS! <-- ok. im not addicted to fast food. jrg mkn. sometimes la if bebetul tingin.
Stay away from fast food and frozen meals, Rich says. Even though some frozen dinners may be low in calories—about 350 or less—the quality of the food is unhealthy, he says. "You're trying to get yourself healthy and looking good and feeling good, and you're pouring pure garbage into your body," Rich says. "You will lose weight, but that doesn't mean you're going to be very healthy and look better. You're just going to be a deconditioned, unhealthy person."

LIMIT ALCOHOL! <-- i dont give a damn bout this coz i dont drink. hehee..

Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you're consuming and how frequently you're consuming it, Rich says. "If you have one or two glasses a week, that's not going to be the problem," Rich says. " having a glass of red wine is actually healthy, Rich says. "A glass of red wine as an antioxidant is good for you," he says.

AVOID FRIED FOODS! <-- ok have to admit. i love fried foods. ns gorg..mee gorg.. spagetti. huh.

Regardless of whether it's fried in trans fat, olive oil, peanut oil or canola oil, fried foods have a lot of saturated fat, Rich says. "Have it baked, have it grilled or have it broiled," he says.

AVOID EATING CARBOHYDRATES at NIGHT! <-- mlm minum herbalife!:P

If you're eating carbohydrates, such as rice, potatoes, bread or cereal, at night, your body won't have enough time to metabolize the calories, Rich says. "It won't be carbohydrates when you wake up in the morning—it'll be fat in your hips and thighs or in your stomach," he says.

So guys.. Change ur lifestyle. Ubah gaya hidup ANDA okie?.

same goes for me. But now i have HERBALIFE hehheh..


tRuly tO be mYself 'Qa~ said...

ya... thanks dear.. lame wizza tak jengOk blog kiter? seday.. erm.. takpe..

saya just tak makan nasi je.. biskut makan la...

Jard The Great said...

dh brapa kilo turun?

QueenWizza said...

eh atiqah, ari2 masuk blog awk. cuma x smpat tnggal komen sbb salu bukak guna modzilla firefox mesti xbley anta komen. huhu

QueenWizza said...

tgu nnt aku bgtau :P

Mr PenyuBiru said...

gambar fun fries cam sedap lah plak.adeh!

Monkey D Luffy said...

tapi aku tak gemuk pun... aku langgar semua pantang tu..

HEMY said...

betul betul betull..aku stuju luffy!!! aku rasa kena tmbh satu..

don't eat your wife's cooking so much without having sex after that...


QueenWizza said...

fries? kaloriess yg tinggi.wahaha

bersyukurlah ko x gemuk2 sbb mkn seme2 tuh.

kalo org tu mmg kurus mkn ape pun x naik bdn takpe la kot. huhuhu

chik Star said...

wiza u dh tron bape kg lagik nih?
kawan as mkn 2 mingu tron 3kg.
kagum kejap.
tapi xmmpu lagi nk beli
sedih !

QueenWizza said...

chik star, esok baru jmpa my coach n timbang n wat body analysis skali.
aritu ms mula2 mkn..2mggu je. pastu stop sbb x bli yg baru. so sbtu bebaru ni baru stat blk huhu

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ezzati said...

insaf sebentar..huhu...

~dARlee zURiS~ said...

uikss..bnyk nye takleh mkn

alaaa..camne leh turun nie?
zuris naik 1kg lagi