Thursday, October 22, 2009

♥ blogging no more? ♥ mls nk apdet.masuk blog org pun mls.
mngkin skang ni musim mls bg aku
setiap org pun mesti ade musim mls kan?

see you guys in the next chapter , chapter rajin.


i'm so over it.


eiza in the house.. said...

jgn malas2 nanti bersawang lak blog nie :)...moga mood tu dtg tak lama lagi

@nnap3jelov3b@by@qiL said...

haishh nanti da 4 bln stabil la tue ehehhe i paham :D but gonna miss u n ur writting ehehheh

ezzati said...

hehe...biasala tu tiba time mls mmg gitu :) ...

QueenWizza said...

hehe takpe kalo berswg nnt upah org gj tolong bersihkn

alolor..mengharukan je ayt hehe..

tu la psl..fesbuk je skng ;p

sharamli said...

kita serupa...kui3

~dARlee zURiS~ said...

ahaaa...zuris baru aje melepasi tahap tu
gud luck!

~ceRRy beRRy~ said...

patutla dh lama x nmpk akak..hehe..

akak tgh mood ibu mengandung tuh..
akak, nnti dh besar sket perot capture gambar ek..
mst cute tau!

**Yatie** said...

awk, kita tunggu chapter rajin tu sampai...hehehe

.ArianiAizat. said...

yer..yer...dah kawen ni rs lg malas nak update..hehe

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