Friday, June 18, 2010

101 Things to Do When You're Overdue (Or Close)

hi darlings!

i came across this list when googling for overdue pregnancy. some of them kinda funny! haha. *warning* this is going 2 b a veryyy long list.. but i bet all pregnant mommies will read all the list patiently *haha*. btul tak?? but cute jugak list2 ni..hee..njoy reading =)

101 Things to Do When You're Overdue (Or Close)

1. Read another pregnancy book.
2. Take a bubble bath.
3. Get a pedicure.
4. Eat something spicy.
5. Talk to an old friend.
6. Learn to time contractions.
7. Pick out a baby book.
8. Go over your list of baby names one more time.
9. Write a birth plan.
10. Change the message on your answering machine to inform callers you're still around.
11. Get your hair done.
12. Get a massage.
13. Go for a bumpy ride.
14. Recalculate your due date.
15. Hang out with us on the pregnancy forums.
16. Watch reruns on television.
17. Wash all of your baby clothes.
18. Check out a matinee movie, alone or with a friend.
19. Make a rice sock for labor.
20. Try a new recipe for dinner.
21. Pack your birth bag for the hospital or birth center.
22. Look through your pregnancy journal and relive some of the better moments.
23. Buy a new nightgown. <-- x bole blah yg ni..haha
24. Go dancing!
25. Look at some birth announcements.
26. Put the baby's car seat in the car.
27. Go window shopping.
28. Daydream about the baby.
29. Eat something else spicy. Might I recommend Samosas?
30. Buy a nursing bra.
31. If you have older kids, read to them.
32. Shave your legs.
33. Visit someone else with a new baby and practice holding them.
34. Think of goofy answers to the questions about whether or not you're still pregnant.
35. Try a new nail color. Change it again.
36. Call your mom.
37. Sit in your baby's room for a while.
38. Buy a cute baby toy.
39. Get lots of fiber.
40. Put together any unmade furniture.
41. Buy stamps for birth announcements.
42. Work out - go to yoga, aerobics, whatever you like to do.
43. Practice a new position for labor.
44. Walk around the mall.
45. Check to be sure your insurance information is packed in your birth bag.
46. Do you have batteries for your camera?
47. Listen to a favorite album.
48. Buy a pack of diapers.
49. Buy a new toothbrush for the birth.
50. Make a birthday cake. <--xde org besday terdekat lol
51. Call your best friend.
52. Play with your pets.
53. Do nothing for a change.
54. Give your husband a back massage. Show him how you like to have your back rubbed.
55. Buy any birthday cards or presents you'll need for the first 6 weeks after your baby is born.
56. Have a smoothie.
57. Recheck your birth bag for the hospital or birth center.
58. Go to a La Leche League meeting or breastfeeding class.
59. Take your husband dancing.
60. Pack some snacks for the hospital or birth center.
61. Make a belly cast of your belly.
62. Buy some sexy underwear, or at least not granny panties, for after the birth ( a couple of weeks).
63. If you have older kids, make I'm a big sister/brother t-shirts for them.
64. Bake a batch of cookies for the doctors and nurses at the hospital or birth center.
65. Go to your last prenatal appointments.
66. Order your favorite pizza for dinner.
67. Have sex! *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
68. Think about anything but the new baby or labor.
69. Tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him.
70. Make sure you have a long distance phone card for the birth.
71. Have someone inspect your car seat for safety. Try AAA or local car dealer.
72. Get a new scented lotion for labor.
73. Pack a diaper bag.
74. Page your honey to make sure he's paying attention.
75. Bake a casserole to eat after your baby is born.
76. Put your birth bag in the car.
77. Make sure you have some postpartum help lined up.
78. Start a scrapbook for your baby if you haven't already.
79. Call your pediatrician to see if they have a recommended list of first aid items.
80. Look through your old baby books and pictures.
81. Have a lunch date with a friend.
82. Read positive birth stories.
83. Chat with your doula about any last minute worries.
84. Feel your baby's movements. Remember how you waited to feel the first fetal movements?
85. Make a romantic dinner for your honey.
86. Make a list of everything you will miss about being pregnant.
87. Learn to knit baby booties.
88. Ask your mom about your birth.
89. Clean out the refrigerator.
90. Rent a video.
91. Take a practice drive to the hospital.
92. Listen to a book on tape.
93. Read a novel you've been dying to read.
94. Go to work - why not?
95. Think about your postpartum birth control choices.
96. Read a new breastfeeding book.
97. Practice a new relaxation technique.
98. Refold all the baby clothes.
99. Write a letter to your baby telling him or her how much you can't wait to meet them!
100. Make a list of everything you won't miss about being pregnant.
101. Give birth!

p/s: saya agk frust sikit sbb ptg td dpt call dr DEMC. Gynae yg saye salu checkup tu x available plak esok(sbtu), kalo nk induce gk bole tp ngn doc lain(doc laki).. dah discuss with hubby, kitorg induce ari isnin ni..huu lame nyee lg nk tgu isnin.. dr mazita available isnin ni.. kecewa sikit. but as long as my baby aktif kt dlm, takpe la kn.. mane tau dia nk kuar tanpa paksaan sbtu or ahad ni?? ohh..saat2 mcm ni terasa lmbt jam tu bergerakk.. baby z sayang,kuarla cpt..mama & papa x sbr da niii..

ingt kn kalo induce sbtu, bole bersalin ahad..n my hubby bole jadi papa on father's day.. how xpela..nk wat cmne.. mesti ade hikmah di sebalik sesuatu yg berlaku tu kan? =)


Weeda said...
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Weeda said...

xpe wizza jgn long as baby ok xpe kan...hope nanti wizza bsalin selamat sume nye..weeda start bc cite wizza ms wizza kawen dulu n sekarang dengan weeda skali tnggu wizza bsalin..hehe..tumpang excited..

kkak ipar weeda hari tu overdue seminggu..

semoga selamat semuanya..x sabar jugak tunggu baby z keluar.

safiah said...

insyaallah everything will be fine...hopefully u'll start to have contraction before kena induce...:)

nanonano said...

penantian itu satu penyeksaan ek..
xpe yg pentng baby & mommy sehat..
semoga dipermudahkan nanti..amin

ezzati said...

Kena tunggu lagi :) Iza..kak pi ckp baby kalo dok dlm erut mama dia lama2 lagi bijak....Mcm Nabi Muhammad :) ..

Puan Jiha said...

get a new nightgown.... hahahaha that is so so me... wakakaka tp not dare to wear it yet,,, tunggu pas pantang dah slim sket hahahaha

sementara tu dok belek2 aje lah hehehe

cik selamah kundang said... long as baby still moving ok ja.but i know how u cant really wait to see that little z.hehe.clock ticking dear.cant wait too

~ ( LayDee_N ) ~ said...

Wizza mommy.... me again. :) baby sihat?