Friday, June 4, 2010

email cinta dari babycenter :p

Your due date is right around the corner and your baby's just waiting for the right time to be born. (oh cpt la kuar syg, mama x sbr ni.. :P)

She's continuing to build a layer of fat, which will help her to control her body's temperature after birth and will put on more weight. (alolo..dia nk membesar lg ke? jgn besar sgt syg hehe..)

Take it easy during the final week or so - this may be your last opportunity to relax. Instead of spending every available minute decorating the nursery or folding baby clothes, go out and see a movie, read a book or take long naps. Don't forget to spend some quality time with your husband too - it will probably be your last chance to have an evening out together for a while.
(tgk movie sudah, bc buku sudah n still keep on reading, long nap?? terlebih sudah haha ;p)

tgk tu..da sempit ruang dia.. hehe..cant wait! :D


Puan Jiha said...

hehehehe bestnye kan

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

best nye baby center tue.. mmg dh x lama dah nie.. ble2 mase je baby boley kuar.. huhu

~ ( LayDee_N ) ~ said...

wizza... sedar x sedar dah nak dekat tarikh la kan? hehehehe... lama dah x aktif blogging ni. sibuk ssgt. tp i tetap ingat kat u n d baby.

SaScha . said...

ya allah..da dekat yea..bess nye..tak saba tengok ur lil princess la!

qasehadam @ nurul said...

mesti tgh tak sabar2 ni kan..huhu seronoknye kalo ade ank kecil lagi