Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wear your baby close to your heart

Spotted: Celebrities who carry their baby close to their hearts!

 keri russels in baby blue pouch sling. 
look how cute the baby inside. mcm perut kanggaroo kan.


 gwen stefani wearing a Ring Sling
pic source: google

and look !
it's Brad Pitt wears his baby.

sweet jer..

 nicole kidman

 Cam Gignadet of twilight. yg mane 1 eh dia ni dlm twilight? 
black pouch sling

 gisele bundchen was spotted carrying her son Benjamin in a Organic Ergo Baby Carrier.

its julia robert in green ergo baby carrier

ramai gk celebrities who into slings skang kn? n mostly i tgk ramai pakai pouch sling.. hurmmm.. sbb mudah kot. x hassle sgt..x perlu adjust2..

haha. mggu ni bz x apdet blog psl dok asyik browsing psl baby wearing ni.. Dulu ade plan nk bli Ring Sling. sbb cam unik n trendy jerk.. n adjustable.. tp sedikit leceh nk letak baby compare to pouch sling. mmg x ssh if da biasa kan tp pouch sling kita bole pop in baby n go. senang xyah nk adjust2 lg dah. tp cons pouch sling ni size dia kena  make sure ngam ngn kita la..kalo besar sgt xbole.. Tp ring sling bole adjust. design dua2 jenis lawa. hurmm.. setelah berfikir2 (tak abis lg fikir sebenarnye hihi) nk bli Pouch Sling. wehuu.. anyway, i love both actually. ntah mmg ssh giler nk decide. at last i choose Pouch Sling dgn alasan sng! thats it. Sempena International Babywearing Week 2010 yg bru abis bebaru ni.. i have to get one too! harus order bln ni gak. Sbb shipping free at certain websites. cth Mummyhugs . ehehe..kat ctu jugak la i tertarik dgn pouch sling dia.
So sementara zara kecik ni harusla beli kang dia da besar da pndai jln x merasa lak nk guna craddle carry. 
Oh x sbrnya.. hehe..

oh ya, byk lg website2 yg jual Sling baby ni handmade ok. ade gk yg pricey gk. tp design mmg sgt lawa. antara yg best2 jumpsacbaby, mamapatch, snuggbaby, ... byk lg.. just google je name2 tu nnt kuar la dia.. mls plak nk crik link diorg..sowi hehe. ok. tu saje. bye!


ezzati said...

pouch sling ni kalo yg plain cantekkkkkkkkkk...yg gambar 1st tu canteklaa..simple je :)

Wizza said...

a'a sweet je kan kaler tu hehe

Fadeadsy said...

mari kite memakai bayi. haha. i ni beriya je tp xtau ah kan. smuge berjaya. ;p

Anonymous said...

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