Monday, October 31, 2016

first day at school

Ok the most awaited moment has come.yesterday was zara 1st day at school. she went to Al Hussam International school Rabigh and she was very excited to start school after about one month break. that's my girl hehe. i loved her spirit.

we reached school at about 5mins before 8. class starts at 8am actually but since it is her first day so that should be okay. I'd prepared her lunchbox of her fav, spagetti bolognaise. for the 1st day, we kinda worried if she can cope with the new environment and especially the time when she went back home by school bus. but alhamdulillah everything seems fine on the 1st day. such an independent girl. oh btw, there are a few Malaysian students in this school but most of them in grade 3. zara baru grade 1. and no Malaysian in her class but that's okay. she will learn.

look who is more excited. HAHA. zhareef insist to bring his bag as well walaupun dia blum sekolah lagi lol
say pinky girl

she looks happy.

cant wait to see their uniforms (were told she will get it by next month)


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Adam said...

i know how happy u were at that moment.
that happened to me too years ago.